Light and fluffy Waffles

A new Sunday night snack has usurped the ubiquitous toastie in the Finchley Kitchen household: the waffle. Always the first port of call at the hotel breakfast buffet, the waffle-making machine, whilst the best place for a wintery walk-and-treat has long been St Albans' Waffle House

So when we were asked what we wanted for our first anniversary, a waffle-maker sprung to mind. And after much experimenting, here are my favourite three waffle and topping recipes.

First up, the basic waffle method, easiest with cup measurements but you can get the scales out if you want..

Basic waffle recipe (makes 5 waffles)

About 2 tablespoons or 30g of melted butter
1 cup (130g) self-raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
Tablespoon of sugar 
1 egg
1 cup (240 ml) milk

Bung them all together in a blender, or mix by hand, until smoooooooooth, then leave to rest for 5 minutes whilst the waffle machine is heating up. Then pour half a ladle-full into each waffle mould, and cook til golden.

Savoury topping - mushroom, garlic and Cheddar (serves 2-3 waffles)

Half an onion
Five button mushrooms
Clove of garlic
Dash of olive oil or teaspoon of butter
100g mature Cheddar
Tablespoon of cornflour plus 5 tablespoons of milk OR 100g cream
Few sprigs of parsley

Fry off the onion, garlic and mushrooms in butter or oil til browned, then add the cheese, plus cream or milk/cornflour. Add the parsley, stir til thickened and delicious, and pour on top of waffles.

Sweet toppings:

I like to keep it simple - either maple or golden syrup plus banana or strawberries, or, my favourite chocolate, and the kind used at Hampstead's Creperie on its crepes: Callebaut milk chocolate drops - put one drop in each waffle square and it melts into delicious chocolate gooeyness...


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