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I try, I fail, I bake, I blog. 

Hi, I'm Lucy and I've always been rubbish at art. Ask me to draw a pig and you'll still have to me ask what it is. Even colouring in, I could never stick to the lines. The only school art that survives to do this day is a wonky and splodge-painted ceramic bowl that my mum is too nice to chuck away. 

But there's one creative area that I've fallen in love with: baking, cake-decorating, and cooking. 

My kitchen's in London, and it's our first home: it has three cupboards and they're already chocka block. So this blog is about cooking and baking with just your average Jo's equipment, using hands and cutlery rather than moulds and stamps, knives rather than Magimix. If I can do it, anyone can. Especially the fondant stuff: moulding it can be an awful lot like pottery, and you already know how bad I am at that. 

So here are easy, cheap ways to make a big wow.

I hope you enjoy a dip into my Finchley Kitchen.


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